Perfect couple

According to redhead escort, Shower sex is more refreshing and relaxing than plain sex, because you get a good warm shower relaxing your body tension and give you a proper warm environment to enjoy sex with your partner.

Shower sex is full of fun but you need some precautions during sex to make it safe as there are chances of slipping or falling on the ground due to wet surface and other minor accidents.

blonde escorts recommends some best and safe sex positions for couples to have the best and safest shower sex. There are some tips also which you can use to make the environment suitable.

Best and safest shower sex positions

  • Standing missionary:- according to escorts, standing missionary or missionary position with bathtub or inflatable pillow will provide you and your partner a closer encounter and good penetration experience.
  • Standing doggy style:- standing doggy style according to escort will give you a good g-spot grinding and you can use your hands to manage and change your angels to get better g-spot targeting.
  • The Chairman:- las vegas luxury escort recommend using chairman position if you have a strong shelf or seat. In this position, you sit on your partner’s lap and go up-down for penetration while using your hands to massage your clitoris for better pleasure.
  • Face-off:- Face-off is another best position that all escorts recommend. You face each other while your partner sits on your lap wrapping her legs around your back. This position is good for oral and penetration sex combo.