• Avoid pain and bleeding:- the anal area is very sensitive and has thousands of nerve endings, thus las vegas bdsm recommend avoiding any kind of pain and bleeding sex positions and practices.
  • Use a high amount of lubrication:- anal area is not like the vagina, thus there is no natural lubrication. Escorts recommend using good amount of water-based lubricants for better penetration without any friction.
  • Use proper protection:- you can’t get pregnant with anal sex but it does require protection like thick condoms etc., to get safer anal sex as there is a high chance of bacterial infection in the anal sex because anal area contains body waste.
  • Be safe from skin contact:- wear condoms and use dental dams when having anal sex. According to bdsm in las vegas, anal sex has higher chances of bacterial and other infection transfer through skin contact.
  • Try and experiment with different positions:- anal sex is not a fixed kind of sex, there are plenty of sex positions like missionary, face to face, etc., which provides different levels of sexual pleasure thus bdsm las vegas recommend experimenting with different sex positions and sex toys for better and safer anal sex.

Anal sex is good but you should take proper precaution and safety measures while having anal sex so that you both don’t get any infection from each other.